Digital Marketer & Content Creator


• Provide detailed analysis, feedback and recommendations for websites, social media, content and online product offerings.
• Train companies on social media strategies in order to drive conversions and expand national and international reach.
• Work closely with clients to develop and implement content and social media strategies.
• Write high quality articles and other copy.
• Design presentations, marketing materials and signs.

Content Director

Deseret Digital Media

• Built and grew websites up to 40.7 million page views and 21 million unique visitors per month.
• Helped build social media accounts to over 124 million followers through engaging content. 
• Managed content for,,, and 
• Oversaw team of 80+ individuals, including: content managers, interns, editors, contributors and graphic designers.
• Received over 28 million page views on personal articles. 
• Developed content strategies based off of analytics. 
• Designed process and training for all content-related jobs. 
• Worked closely with developers to design, implement and test new features on the site.

Online Adjunct Instructor


• Taught 20+ students basic writing, grammar, and communications principles. 
• Provided constructive feedback to students to help them improve their individual skills.
• Interacted with hundreds of other instructors to share ideas, refine teaching techniques, and share insights and best practices.